German as a subject was introduced in 1995 when ICG was affiliated to the University of Rajasthan.The Department of German was established finally in the year 1998. At the undergraduate level, the department offers foundation course in German and as elective it is being offered in B.A.(Pass Course) with various subject combinations/as subsidiary with B.A.(Honours) in English and Psychology. The department also offers COSD courses to provide the students with parallel career opportunities as well as to brighten up their career chances in their chosen field of studies. This is the reason why the department has offered these value added courses and some other interdisciplinary courses wherein the students are getting trained well. This on one hand helps the students develop a new skill and on the other hand also enables them to face the formidable challenges of the job market. In this regard all the courses in German have been  able to achieve their objectives quite well as around more than hundred students have benefited from these courses every year.
We have done a thorough overhauling of curricula of all the courses so as to make them learner centric with the inclusion of audio-visual inputs as well as exercises based on creativity and self discovery. This has also helped us in taking up new pedagogical strategies where teacher can work more as a motivator and instructor creating more space for students’ participation to optimize their potential.
In order to keep the students abreast of various developments in language, literature and culture of Germany and German speaking countries, the department regularly organizes German Film show, German Song workshop and guest lectures.